They are known as the African Spur Thigh Tortoise or the Sulcata Tortoise. Each one of them can eat up to 6 pounds of romaine and other produce every day! Not to mention they have been known to live as long as 80 years! Although in captivity, due to lack of proper diet and sunlight, they average more along the lines of 50-60 years! Keep in mind, these guys are a life long commitment!!

The Sulcata Tortoise lives in the deserts of Africa and spend most of their time during the long hot days burrowing into moister grounds. Some of these burrows have been known to be as long as 10 feet in depth! Now that’s a heck of a hole for a tortoise to dig. If you must buy one of these for a pet please do the proper research on the husbandry as well as the requirements of diet and sunlight! It’s a full-time job but is very rewarding as these guys are super intelligent!