Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

Kay Rosaire is one of the most loved and respected animal trainers in the world. She is an 8th generation animal trainer, from one of England’s most respected families of animal trainers.

When Kay was 14, her family moved from England to the town of Waterford, PA. Kay started her own horse riding academy, and with a team of over 50 horses, taught hundreds of kids and adults the art and skills of horsemanship.

Kay’s love of big cats began when she was given the opportunity to care for the second Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion.

Kay is retired from the entertainment industry and dedicates herself full time to the rescue of big cats and other exotic animals in need of a safe and permanent home. She continues to educate visitors at the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary as to the plight of these magnificent animals in the wild, addressing subjects such as conservation and habitat preservation. Kay has spoken at two big cat symposiums for the United States Department of Agriculture and is a recognized expert in animal husbandry pertaining to lions and tigers. You may have seen Kay on the Family Channel, the Oxygen Channel, A&E, in the New York Times and other forms of media. Kay has won numerous awards, and the Rosaire Family is inductees into the prestigious St. Armand’s Circle Ring of Fame.


Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Clayton follows a rich family heritage in which mutual respect between man and beast is the key to a harmonious and rewarding experience. Clayton’s lifetime goal and commitment are in the conservation of these majestic and endangered big cats.

Clayton and his wife Danielle have left the entertainment industry and dedicate themselves full time to the care of the animals and operations of the sanctuary. Clayton educates the public on the importance of exotic animal preservation, conservation and habitat preservation through educational demonstrations alongside these magnificent creatures.

Clayton and Danielle are passionate about this cause and the continuation of rescuing animals that will have a forever home at Big Cat Habitat. Clayton and Danielle spend their free time with their 2 incredible children “little” Clayton and Ella.





Shareet has been on the BCH board since its inception as a not for profit and is currently the Secretary of the Board of Directors. She has supported the administration over the years helping to grow and maintain the facility. She is passionate about the importance of the human-animal bond and educating mankind on the importance of species preservation.

Shareet has been a long time advocate for dependent youth in the US. For almost 3 decades she has worked tirelessly to defend the rights of children who are under the custody and supervision of state agencies or state contracted providers.

As President of her consulting agency, Child and Family Action Center LLC, Shareet provides consulting and management services to human service agencies with a focus on program development and program implementation.

Shareet has raised her 4 children in Sarasota, all of whom have been active volunteers at BCH over the years.



An has attended prestigious art schools such as Parsons School of Design, School of Visual Arts, and the Fashion Institute of Technology. An has had an exciting career in the art of jewelry making, has sold fine jewelry at prominent stores, such as Bergdoff Goodmans. If you ever get the chance to meet An, take a look at the jewelry she is wearing, she made it all. Most of the artwork on Big Cat Habitats signs were also created or enhanced by An. An moved to Florida from New York City, and has been a loyal and constant volunteer at Big Cat Habitat, since 2004. She now serves on the Board of Directors.