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About Big Cat Habitat

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide a safe, loving, and permanent home for exotic and domestic animals in need and to educate our guests on the importance of species preservation to ensure the survival of these magnificent animals for future generations. We are firmly committed to keeping alive the Human-Animal connection in our world and in our community.

“Our dedication to providing a secure and affectionate environment for exotic and domestic animals in need is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to the survival and preservation of these magnificent creatures. We believe that by educating our guests, we can cultivate a deeper understanding of the vital connection between humans and animals, and ensure that this bond remains strong for generations to come.”

close up of an african lion

Our History

  • 1973: Land purchase 
  • 1987: Founded by Kay Rosaire
  • 1990: Large barn constructed for big cats, now Arena building
  • 2005: Big Cat Habitat became a non-profit
  • 2007: Completion of Bear habitats
  • 2010: Koi Pond Installation
  • 2012: Aviary Habitat Opens
  • 2015: “Walk On The Wild Side” Exhibit Opens
  • 2018: MMI Venture Begins. Acquired 10 acres, adjacent to BCH – Conservation Area
  • 2019: Wild Yoga Program begins with Yoga With Tigers (May)
  • 2020: Panther Pavilion Construction Completed. Wild Yoga Program expands in to add Fox Yoga (July).
  • 2021: Hoofstock Barn Completed. Clouded Leopard Habitat Completed. Wild Yoga Program adds Lemur Yoga (Jan.)
  • 2022: New Cheetah habitat under construction.

Visionary Leadership

Founder/President: Kay Rosaire

 Kay Rosaire took her love and passion for animals and created a safe haven for big cats and exotic animals in need. Today, she dedicates herself fully to sharing her love of these magnificent animals and educating the visitors of Big Cat Habitat about the challenges facing these animals in the wild. She is a recognized expert in the animal husbandry field and has spoken at two big cat symposiums for the United States Department of Agriculture; along with winning numerous awards. Big Cat Habitat is the product of her dream coming true. 

Board Members

Founder/President: Kay Rosaire

Vice-President: Clayton Rosaire

Board Member: An Cantor

Board Member: Lonnie Bohrer

Board Member: Charles Haney

Board Member: Jason Lozeau

Management Staffing

CEO: Kay Rosaire

COO: Clayton Rosaire Mowrey

Administrative Director: Danielle Mowrey

Animal Foreman: Walt Barnes

Business Development Director: Nancy Nallin

Marketing & Events Director: Renee Ferreira

Financial Director: Van Withey

Office & Volunteer Director: Cassandra Daly

a brown bear staring at the camera
a black and white ring tailed lemur standing on grass

Reports & Statements