Ricky’s Chimp Art

Rickey the Chimp Art

For the benefit of all our Chimps and the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary

Look for Rickey’s Art on Ebay at http://stores.ebay.com/ChimpArt for the benefit of building a new Chimp and Primate habitat and the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary for all of Rickey’s friends and family!

A letter from Mark Rosenthal In 2005 I was contacted by the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota Florida to work with them on a project to raise funds for their 501-C3 organization. The founder of the sanctuary is Kay Rosaire and she has been very interested in making a home for unwanted large cats and other animals.

The Rosaire-Zoppe chimpanzees that have painted pictures for enrichment have collaborated together in a program called Animals Helping Animals to use their paintings to support the sanctuary. The noted zoologist Desmond Morris in 1962 did a landmark study called The Biology of Art, A study of the picture making behavior of the great apes and its relationship to human art. He worked with a young chimpanzee named Congo to produce a series of paintings. Upon the death of Congo some of these paintings were auctioned off in 2005.

We all can’t own an original Congo painting but the images of the Rosaire-Zoppe chimpanzees certainly reveal that they have the ability to form patterns and to exercise simple visual control. The results of their work are extraordinary and quite complex.

If you have wanted to own a unique painting produced by a chimpanzee this is an opportunity not only to own a painting but also to help a sanctuary continue the work they are doing. All original paintings come with a photo of the artist actually working on the individual image.

The images are of varying sizes, colors and complexity but are all priced at $250 plus postage. All paintings use water based tempera paint on canvas boards and are sold unframed. Only originals will be available. If you have an interest in a painting please let me know via phone or email.


Mark Rosenthal

Curator Emeritus markrosenthal@sbcglobal.net