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Lions are the second largest naturally occurring cat in the world and are commonly referred to as “King of the Jungle” even though they mainly found in the African Savanah. the African Lion is actually a collection a sub-species. Male lions are easy to identified as they are large animals with long manes surrounding their head. Female lions do not have a mane and on average are smaller than their male counterparts. Lions can be solitary and live alone but are also known to live in groups consisting of a number of females or lionesses with their mates and cubs which is known as a pride.


Below is a list of tigers currently living in the wild in different parts of the world

  • Bengal Tiger

  • Indochinese Tiger

  • Malayan Tiger

  • Siberian Tiger

  • South China Tiger


The tiger is mainly a nocturnal hunter but have been observed hunting during the day. In most tiger cub litters, a dominant cub often arises in the litter and dictates the play and social interactions. The dominant cub is more active than its siblings and is more likely to leave their mother earlier.


Length (Average): Males – 98 to 154in; Females – 79 to 108in
Weight: Males – 198 to 675lb; Females – 143 to 368lb