Nelson, Tigger & Baby

These lovable babies came from a facility in south Florida, however, due to lack of space they needed to find a new loving home. They are all litter mates and will remain together here at our Sanctuary for the duration of their lives!!

Tigger, the little brother, seems to be slightly cross-eyed, but he is the most cheeky of the bunch. Tigger is the sweetest tiger we have on the property.  Baby, the little sister, is very intelligent and and very loving as well. Nelson, the oldest brother has no problems keeping them both in line.  He is the largest of the three and very handsome. All three tigers are very loving and appreciate human interaction. If you come by and see us all talking with them don’t be surprised. They thrive on it.

These little cubs are on a special diet of all natural vitamins and mineral supplements generously donated by So a very special thanks to them!!