Our Vervet – Mikey

Mikey is 15 years young and absolutely one of our most adored monkeys. While he is very active, the old age definitely is showing in his belly.

Mikey belongs to Joy and Mike who are here every day to spend time with their baby. They got Mikey when he was just 6 months old. They lived in Maryland at that time and obviously 15 years ago laws were different and licensing requirements were not as strict as they are today. When they moved down here to Florida they realized that they had different requirements to own such an exotic pet, so they decided to make other arrangements for him.

They heard about our sanctuary, contacted Kay and we have had him here ever since. We love having him around and enjoy having his owners here too! Not only do they bring lots of treats for Mikey, but they feed all the other little petting zoo critters as well. Often you will see one of them running around here with boiled eggs and corn (everything loves corn!!).