Meet Mia! This little girl came to us from a wonderful sanctuary in IL. Her mother is a Bengal tiger and father a male lion! The special thing about a Liger is that their growth gene is never blocked when a female tiger and a male lion mate.

Mia is smart, beautiful and amazing. We all love her. She loves to play with ice and when we say “love” we mean it.

Right now, in captivity, the largest liger on record is weighing in at a whopping 1300 pounds and it was a male! Mia was born in August of 2008. She has quite a ways to go until she is full grown. There isn’t much known about ligers, but we do know by the fourth year we should have a pretty good idea how large she will get!

Mia is a part of our “animals helping animals” coalition. She is a great liger ambassador. Mia is not eligible for sponsorship or donations. Mia is at the habitat at different times of the year, but travel a lot, so we can’t guarantee you will see her, but Brutus is always at the habitat.

See pics in out Gallery of Mia being trained.

Mia Baby Pictures

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