Salt is a very rare type of bird!  She is the very beautiful Emerald Macaw.

She is a cross between the large and very stunning Hyacinth Macaw and the small, but just as beautiful, Military Macaw.

She has an outstanding personality and is a whopping 50 years young!  Her owner brought us to her after a long wonderful life they shared for the last 40 years.  However, as time goes on situations change. We all, as pet owners, we must choose what is best for them and being as there are other birds here for her to play with (along with constant 24 hour attention) Salt’s owner knew Big Cat would be a perfect place for such an exotic girl.  She has also bonded really well with her new trainer! Best of all her dad can come visit her anytime he chooses! We love having him here because he is a great volunteer as well!!


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