Cricket is known as the “princess” of the group. She is a big time lover and is always in need of a cuddle! Cricket grew up in a day care and once it closed she lost the attention of about 40 children!

Cockatoos are one of the more “emotional” of the exotic avian species. They are very intelligent and it has been said they have the I.Q. of a 3 year old child. So, just like our children at home they need constant attention and mental stimulation! That in itself is a full-time job for our keepers and volunteers! Every day we are looking at fun and affordable ways to keep our birds occupied.

Sometimes it is something as easy as a pine cone or as complicated as an intricate wooden toy with lots of color. These birds see color as well as we do if not better and more detailed, maybe you could call their vision High Def!

Cricket came to us as a “plucker” which means the bird always seems to “over-groom”. This doesn’t always mean they are unhappy. Many times it becomes a bad habit and impossible to break (a lot like biting your finger nails). There are remedies you use, but often it is more traumatic to treat than it is to find the source; or as long as no damage is being done to the skin, to just let the bird be a bird. With Cricket, because she has plucked so long, most of the follicles have since closed up and feathers will most likely never grow.

She is beautiful in our eyes and we love having her around! If you come to visit make sure you give her and extra two minutes of your time as she will be the first to say “Hi” back!

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