Clyde is a beautiful Green Wing Macaw or the Ara Chloroptera.

We are not sure of his exact age but we know he was a breeder. The one thing about the exotic avian species, is that should you choose these guys as pets they will love you like your children, if you choose them for breeders, they actually act like birds!

Clyde is friendly with his keepers at arms length and doesn’t speak much, however he has mastered the word “hello” in about 120 different tones. All these beautiful birds mate for life! Although, if death or separation through breeders should happen, they will eventually choose another life mate.

Clyde’s mate Bonnie passed away a few years ago from liver cancer. Though her death was a big blow to his confidence, he has since met Salt and we think this has made a big turn around for Clyde! He is more chipper and definitely a lot nicer to us since she has come into his life! Clyde loves to shower and show off his wings while he does, but really hates the “T” perch we use to move the birds around.

Our trainer has been spending many hours to try and teach him that the perch could be his friend and get him outside more often! We will keep you updated on his and Salt’s dating progress as well as the perch training!

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