Exotic birds can make some pretty amazing pets, but in having an amazing pet, comes having some pretty amazing responsibilities with owning them. Most people fall in love with the cute little birdie that says hello once you walk into the store. Often people buy these pets before they do any real hard research on what is required in owning them.

Exotic birds like we have here at Big Cat live a very long time and need constant attention. Some of the larger species can live as long as a human! Just to name a few… the Macaws and Cockatoos are some of the oldest living birds that have been documented! I have read that there once was a macaw who lived to be 108 years old, and a cockatoo who lived to be 106! I know that at Sarasota Jungle Gardens they have a sulfur crested cockatoo that is in his 90’s and has appeared on the Ed Sullivan show many times! Lucky for that bird, he only had two owners, but often these birds go through a multitude of different homes in a single life time.

If you plan on owning one of these precious animals please make sure you do all the research in whats required! The joke we have here is that “If you get a bird, get a will!” These birds are like perpetual 2 year olds and will need all the love and attention you have to give, and if done properly they will give you a life time of love and emotional reward!