Our Photographer

Richard Czina has been with The Big Cat Habitat for over 6 years!  He met the Rosaires just by coming out to see the sanctuary.  He took a number of pictures that day and returned shortly there after to show everyone the magnificent pictures he had taken.  We were all in awe by the way he seemed to “capture the moment”.  His photos have been essential in making this website what it is today! 

Not only is Richard our number one photographer, but he is also one of our most valued volunteers.   Richard has an extensive background in wildlife rehabilitation and has spent most his life traveling the states to experience nature and its breath taking views!  Now he seems to find passion in helping us in our mission to save what we have here in captivity. 

Being a retired IBM electrical engineer, we most valued him as our sound technician during our winter training demos!  No matter what the issue may have been with our sound system, we could always count on Richard to sort it out and get us up and running!  Not to mention the countless hours he has spent hand raising our goats in the petting zoo that seemed to have a less than easy entrance into our world.  Most recently we had a Pygmy goat give birth to 3 kids, all but one didn’t make it.  However the one who did survive was sent home with Richard and his wife Gail until he learned to suckle and get the hang of letting us know he was hungry.  It took the two of them all but about 18 hours to get this little guy back on his feet!  And now thanks to the both of them the little goat has been returned to mommy and is growing like wild fire! 

Both Gail and Richard have been a great help at the Big Cat Habitat!  Without the two of them life would be less than simple when it comes to getting the best photo shoot, or having a flawless training demo! 

For all your years of service Richard and Gail we thank you!  Your not only a valued volunteer but also a dear friend! 

To see more of Richard Czina’s Photos you can go to http://www.richardczina.photostockplus.com/