Ever see a tiger with a boomer ball? Or a spider monkey with a child’s toy? Animals in Sanctuaries and Zoos don’t have the same opportunities available to them as animals in the wild so it is our responsibility to provide them with objects or changes to their environment that stimulate the behaviors of healthy wild animals. This is called Enrichment.

Enrichment is the act of providing stimulating and challenging environments, objects and activities for animals in captivity and it is critical to an animal’s well being. Enrichment aims to enhance animal activity and provide mental stimulation. It is as important as having the right food and medical care.

Industrial strength toys such as boomer balls and puzzle feeders are all created to encourage activity and are intriguing for the animals. Introducing new or familiar scents is very enriching to many species. Scattering scents throughout a habitat or inside a toy encourages species typical behaviors such as stalking and foraging.

Enrichment comes in many shapes and forms. It can be as simple as offering a new scent to a lion or a Kong filled with treats to a squirrel monkey. The animal keepers at the Big Cat Habitat have researched many different forms or Enrichment and we have picked out some of our favorites.

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