7th Annual Poker Run On Oct. 2nd 2011 – Proceeds Benefit Big Cat Habitat

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Diva Angels Gulf Coast Chapter 7th Annual Poker Run is on Sunday October 2nd 2011. All proceeds are going to the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary.


Pre-registration is available on September 24th at Rossiter’s HD Anniversary Bash during the hours of 10:30AM and 2:00PM. The pre-registration price is $10.00 per hand or 3 for $20.00.

Day of Event Registration

You can register the day of the event at the Big Cat Habitat 7101 Palmer BLVD in Sarasota, FL from 10:00AM to 11:00AM. The registration price is $15.00 per hand or 3 for $25.00 the day of the event.

First bike out at 10:30AM and last bike out at 11:00AM.

End Stop and Party

The end stop is Peggy’s Corral 4511 U.S. Hwy 41, North Palmetto, Fl 34221. Last bike in at 2:00PM. There will be prizes, 50/50 and music. Cash bar available. For more information contact Debbie Stanley at 941-685-1490 or visit www.DivaAngels.org.

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

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We are open Friday – Sunday. Gates open at 5:30pm and we close at 8pm. Tiger feeding available. We have an educational training demo will be at 6:30pm on Saturdays only.

Come see tigers, lions, ligers, bears, primates, birds and much more. We also have a petting zoo for the children. We hope to see you!

Sandy the Lion

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It is with great sadness that we must tell you that we have lost Sandy, the year-old lion who underwent surgery on Friday. While the surgery seemed to go very well, she passed away suddenly today despite the efforts to help her. She was well-loved by everyone here, and we are sad to lose her. Many thanks to all of you who have asked about her and shown us your caring and concern.

To say we are heartbroken is an understatement. She will be deeply missed.
Big Cat Habitat

We Would Like to Thank the Following People For Contributing to Our $1 Drive

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With your donations we have raised close to $4000. We are already ordering toys for the big cats and our other animals. So we thank you so much and the animals thank you too!

Have You Checked Out the Big Cat Habitat Calendar?

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We have an online calendar that lets you know when we are open, what events we have and when we are closed for private parties. We suggest you review this calendar often before visiting to make sure you do not show up on a private party date.  You can visit our calendar here:


Mention Us to Beneva Flowers When Ordering Flowers For Mother’s Day

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If you mention us to Beneva Flowers when ordering gifts for Mother’s Day they give us a donation of 5% of the money you spend! In fact, they will give us 5% all year long, so please keep us in mind when ordering.

Thank you,

Big Cat Habitat

New and Larger Animal Habitats and Our $1 Dollar Drive

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Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary launched our $1 Dollar Drive yesterday and we wanted to discuss where part of that money will go if we reach our goal. $350,000 of that will be going to new and larger animal habitats. We have so many more animals than we use to and they need new habitats. Unfortunately, when the economy fell apart we lost our corporate sponsors and it was at this time that we needed help creating larger habitats.

We need to create new, outside habitats with an inside, storm-proof, protected area for our big cats. Each of these habitats needs a tiger pool as well. We need a new aviary for our birds and money to go towards our elephant enclosure. Our animals need more room and we are hoping to make this happen with donations from our $1 Dollar Drive.  If you contribute $1 we would appreciate it.

We Thank You

We thank everyone that visits that habitat because that money supports the animals and is saved for improvements. We thank everyone that donates money, drops off and/or donates food and those that donate items we need. We thank all of our volunteers because we couldn’t make it without you and we thank our staff who work for hard for not a lot of money. God bless you and all of our animals.

If we can get 1 million people to donate one dollar we can improve our habitat, take in more animals that need care and enrich the lives of our animals even more!

Help Us With Our $1 Drive! $1 Can Make All the Difference for Us!

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If we can get 1 million people to donate one dollar we can improve our habitat, take in more animals that need care and enrich the lives of our animals even more!

Please help Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary spread the word about our $1 dollar drive. We are hoping to make make $1 million dollars from contributors worldwide. When we rescue animals they have a sanctuary for life!

Here is a break down of where the money will go:

  • $10,000 – Big Cat Toys for enrichment. Boomer balls, outside climbing areas, pools etc.
  • $125,000 – Real restroom facilities for visitors and staff. Currently we have two Porta Potties, but we need better facilities for visitors.
  • $250,000  – A sterile animal clinic and nursery for younger animals
  • $240,000 – Payroll, utilities, veterinary check-ups, food for the animals etc.
  • $25,000 – Educational materials for visitors and children visiting from local schools.
  • $350,000 – For new and larger animal habitats.

If you would like to donate $1 please click on the donate button below. You can donate with any credit card and feel secure using Authorize.net. Side note: the credit card processing companies take 28 cents of the dollar you donate. If you would like to add 28 extra cents we would appreciate it.

Online payment on hold.

We are now open 5 days a week!

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On Wednesday and Thursday from 12:30-4:00pm you can come see the animals on our animal tour and visit the petting zoo.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the gates open at 12:30. You can take a tour of the animals. We also have an educational demo that starts at 1:30.

Our Night Extravaganza Shows Have Open Seats

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Our 2pm shows have been slammed with people and we know many people are upset when we must turn people away due to safety and the law. We want to tell everyone that our Friday and Saturday night shows at 6pm have not filled up yet. So if you want to come and avoid the large crowds come to our night shows.

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