Starting in March 2012

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Starting March 2nd we will be offering a training demonstration on Friday’s and Saturdays at 1:30 PM. Gates open at 12:30 PM and close at 4:00 PM.

We are open 5 days a week – Wednesday through Sunday. Each day we open at 12:30 PM and close at 4:00 PM.

A Note From a Woman That Came to Visit

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Good Afternoon Mrs. Rosaire,

I recently took my daughter to the Big Cat Habitat Extravaganza. I can’t begin to tell you how much we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. From the moment we arrived to the last minute riding the Elephant! I work at the Ritz-Carlton as a concierge for the Residents who live here and I know that the hotel has always been involved with this wonderful organization and as a concierge I have had many people inquire about the facility. Now I can finally say how Wonderful it is and how great of a job you and your son have done organizing it. The show was spectacular, both of you are so funny and I can tell you really enjoy what you do and truly love those beautiful animals. We weren’t expecting to be so blown away. I have to tell you, I have already recommended the Big Cat Habitat to so many of my residents and guests here at the Ritz-Carlton. Thank you so much for providing a fantastic fun day for me and my daughter. We look forward to coming back soon!!

Leisha Weeks

Get Your Photo with Santa and Samson the White Tiger

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The Big Cat Habitat is open on December 23, 24, and 26th. We will be having a special holiday demo show each day at 1:30. After each show, for a fee, you can get your picture taken with Santa and Samson. See below for hours and times:

Christmas Weekend Shows

  • Friday – December 23rd - Gates open at 12:30, show at 1:30, close at 4PM
  • Saturday – December 24th - Gates open at 12:30, show at 1:30, close at 4PM
  • Monday – December 26th - Gates open at 12:30, show at 1:30, close at 4PM

After each show pictures with Santa and Samson the white tiger will be available for a fee.

New Years Weekend Shows

  • Friday – December 30th – Gates open at 12:30, show at 1:30, close at 4PM
  • Saturday – December 31st – Gates open at 12:30, show at 1:30, close at 4PM
  • Sunday – January 1st 2012! - Gates open at 12:30, show at 1:30, close at 4PM
  • Monday - January 2nd – Gates open at 12:30, show at 1:30, close at 4PM


Have You Checked Out the Big Cat Habitat Calendar?

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We have an online calendar that lets you know when we are open, what events we have and when we are closed for private parties. We suggest you review this calendar often before visiting to make sure you do not show up on a private party date.  You can visit our calendar here:

Mention Us to Beneva Flowers When Ordering Flowers For Mother’s Day

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If you mention us to Beneva Flowers when ordering gifts for Mother’s Day they give us a donation of 5% of the money you spend! In fact, they will give us 5% all year long, so please keep us in mind when ordering.

Thank you,

Big Cat Habitat

We are now open 5 days a week!

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On Wednesday and Thursday from 12:30-4:00pm you can come see the animals on our animal tour and visit the petting zoo.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the gates open at 12:30. You can take a tour of the animals. We also have an educational demo that starts at 1:30.

Our Night Extravaganza Shows Have Open Seats

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Our 2pm shows have been slammed with people and we know many people are upset when we must turn people away due to safety and the law. We want to tell everyone that our Friday and Saturday night shows at 6pm have not filled up yet. So if you want to come and avoid the large crowds come to our night shows.

Elephant at Big Cat Extravaganza this Weekend

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This weekend only there we have an elephant at our Extravaganza show. Come buy and see all the animals!

6th Annual Animal Extravaganza!!

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Its that time of year again folks! Big Cat Habitats Annual fundraiser is back! Its our 6th Animal Extravaganza!! Affordable fun for the whole family. In 15 years Kay Rosaire has never raised our prices in hopes to keep our educational fun affordable for all families!

Gate opens 1 hour prior to show! We will be having pony and Camel rides, Fat Sam’s BBQ, animal encounters and much, much more! We have also extended our showings to all four weekends in February!

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!

On Fridays there will be one show under the Big Top starting at 6:00 PM. Saturdays we will have 2 showings one at 2:00 PM and another at 6:00 PM and only one showing on Sundays at 2:00 PM.


We will also be needing volunteers! If you are interested please fill out a Volunteer form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Hope to see you all there for some memories that will last a life time!

Can I Pet a Tiger? – An Outside Perspective

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I volunteered to do some work for the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary because I was so impressed at how amazing and selfless everyone was. They truly want what is best for their animals and any other animals they get phone calls over. To do my work I needed to learn about everything- the habitat, the people and all the animals individually.

I was like everyone else at first – the tigers are beautiful! The tigers, lions and liger all behave like my cats in some ways. They look snuggly and everyone I talk to wants to pet one…it seems so simple, but petting tigers or lions is not a safe thing.

Don’t get me wrong, these animals can be sweet and they all have their own distinct personality, but underneath the beauty and the personality they are what they have always been, predators. They are built like predators, so even if they are just playing with you their claws and their teeth can do considerable damage. It doesn’t have to be intentional. When tigers play with each other they can bite and claw their pals and nothing happens, but humans are not built the same.

Can I Pet a Tiger?

I will tell you right now that the Big Cat Habitat is not going to risk you getting hurt just to pet a tiger. There are very few staff members that go in with tigers and lions and those that do have trained tigers for a decade or more. They know tigers so well they actually think like them. More importantly, the big cats trust them. The support staff that feed and care for the tigers also have a close relationship with them, but they are not reaching their hands in and petting them. It just is not worth the risk.


Kay, her son Clayton and the entire staff are always talking about respecting the cats. As I said above, the cats know the people that  take care of them, but they don’t know visitors.  It would make them very uncomfortable to have random people touching them all time. People don’t like having people they don’t know come up and touch them; neither do the cats.

As beautiful as they are, it is important to keep in mind that they were created to be predators and that is what they are. They do not have to attack you to hurt you. Tigers are just too dangerous to play with. On the other hand, being able to look into their eyes is a rewarding experience and one I value deeply. If you have not had the chance to look a tiger, lion or liger in the eye I encourage you to visit the Big Cat Habitat or a safe and animal loving habitat in your local area.


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