A New Picture of Clayton and Handsome

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I work as the web person for Big Cat. I want to quickly share with you the interactions I see between Handsome and Clayton. Handsome is a big lion; he scares me a bit, but he loves Clayton. If Clayton walks through the habitat area he gets up and runs to see Clayton. Handsome always gets a bunch of baby talk, rubbing and kissing from Clayton. It is funny and also sweet to watch. I have even seen Clayton rub his gums and the lion loves it. The relationship between Clayton and Handsome is amazing to observe.

All of the cats love Clayton and Kay. They love them because these cats get constant attention, love and they are talked to like they are a part of the family. I love volunteering for Big Cat because I get to see the work they do, the love they provide and the care they give to healthy and unhealthy animals that come in. It is a blessing to be around these people. Please keep them in your prayers.

Melissa Fach

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