On May 18th 2011 Our Sunset Safari Nights Begin!

Starting on May 18th our hours will change. Here is the exciting info: Gates open at 5:30pm. Goliath the Tiger Tiger feeding available, (you can feed a tiger ;-)) starts at 6:15pm. All animals will be featured with our exotic animal encounters and petting zoo. Our educational training demo will be at 6:30pm on [...]

We are now open 5 days a week!

Clarence the Tiger On Wednesday and Thursday from 12:30-4:00pm you can come see the animals on our animal tour and visit the petting zoo. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the gates open at 12:30. You can take a tour of the animals. We also have an educational demo that starts at 1:30.

New and Larger Animal Habitats and Our $1 Dollar Drive

Noel the Tiger Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary launched our $1 Dollar Drive yesterday and we wanted to discuss where part of that money will go if we reach our goal. $350,000 of that will be going to new and larger animal habitats. We have so many more animals than we use [...]

A New Picture of Clayton and Handsome

Handsome the Lion and Clayton Rosaire I work as the web person for Big Cat. I want to quickly share with you the interactions I see between Handsome and Clayton. Handsome is a big lion; he scares me a bit, but he loves Clayton. If Clayton walks through the habitat area he gets [...]

Our Night Extravaganza Shows Have Open Seats

Our 2pm shows have been slammed with people and we know many people are upset when we must turn people away due to safety and the law. We want to tell everyone that our Friday and Saturday night shows at 6pm have not filled up yet. So if you want to come and avoid the [...]

Animal Extravaganza Photos

Animal Extravaganza - Tigers Animal Extravaganza - Elephant Animal Extravaganza - Alligator Animal Extravaganza - Snake Animal Extravaganza - Horse Animal Extravaganza - Dog Animal Extravaganza - Pig Animal Extravaganza - Camel Animal Extravaganza - Chimps [...]