Mia Liger – Baby Pictures

29/04/10 8 COMMENTS

Mia is our Liger. She has been beautiful from the start and we wanted to share some of our precious memories, Mia’s baby pictures.


1 Jane Johnstone
15:35:40, 05/07/10

She is so beautiful! Thank you for educating me on what a liger is all about.

2 Aidan
18:49:29, 06/07/10

She looks beautiful I have never actually seen what a liger looks like I didnt think it was true when people told me about them but they look so beautiful much different to how I imagined them to look.

3 Amy
01:15:05, 07/07/10

She is absolutely adoreable! How could anyone abuse such a beautiful animal….

4 shaylee
16:23:07, 19/08/10

she is adoreable i think

5 caitlynne
23:59:49, 05/09/10

she is gorgeous..im so glad i got to see her..noone should be hunting her.

05:31:32, 24/10/10

She is an adorable Liger. Until now she has grown up to be almost a full liger.

7 destiney
21:27:28, 10/11/10

i am 8 years old and i love all the animals my favorite was mia the liger i think she is cute

8 www.ligerworld.com
13:25:53, 25/12/10

WOw Mya has grown up now…I just had her images of her Childhood. Now she is regularly participating in the shows…. How much beautiful animal this liger becomes :). So far so good 🙂 and thumbs down to all those people who think ligers shouldn’t be around…..

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