Clayton Training Mia

09/04/10 4 COMMENTS

This is Clayton Rosaire training Mia. Mia is a liger. Cats that are trained tend to live longer healthier lives. They enjoy the human interaction. You can attend our trainings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


1 Kathy
13:33:46, 22/05/10

Mia is beautiful. I have never heard of a Liger before. I wonder how often a Tiger-Lion mix occurs in their natural habitat or whether this a less common. Since tigers and lions are found in groups, I wonder whether a liger would be accepted by one group or the other – would a baby liger, born to a tiger, be accepted within its mother’s group (streak?) or if born to a lion, it’s mother’s pride. These animals are fascinating. I wish all humans shared the respect for God’s creatures that they share for one another.

2 Jennifer Kearney
03:03:47, 10/06/10

She is BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t wait until we can make it to Florida and see all these beautiful animals. 🙂
Is a Liger found in the wild, or is it really more of a captivity breed?

3 Pat
15:11:00, 05/07/10

I am amazed at the size of Mia she is hugh and so beautiful. How is her temperment? How does she get along with the other cats? I just can’t get over how beautiful Mia is. Are there other Liger’s ? We are planning to bring our granddaughter there in a few weeks, we can’t wait. Thank you…

4 shaylee
16:30:16, 19/08/10

mia is pretty and i think that she is adorable

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